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Villa Passerini

Villa Passerini


This fine wine will live a full and long life and grant deep satisfaction both in the immediate future but especially in the distant future. A Syrah crafted with the best grapes that have been selected and harvested by hand from the inner vineyard at Villa Passerini estate in Cortona, Arezzo, the wine fully reflects everything that the name Passerini represents for Cortona: prestige, elegance and nobility. The vinification process takes the following steps: once the grapes are harvested, 60% of them are placed in steel vats at a controlled temperature for about 15 days, during which time the alcoholic fermentation takes place.

The remaining 40% of grapes are fermented in a both wood and amphora, without any temperature controls. This is followed by a period of soft maceration on skins for about 20 days in order to enrich and extract as much color and substances as possible. The wine is then racked and pressed, after which malolactic fermentation takes place in steel tanks in a spontaneous manner, without the inoculation of malolactic bacteria. 50% of the wine ages in Amphora for 12 months and then continues its aging in steel tanks, the other 50% begins and ends its of 24 month aging period in 500 liter French tonneau.

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  • Grape variety
    100% Syrah

  • Colour
    Intense and brilliant ruby red

  • Bouquet
    A very complex nose, thanks to the effect of the amphorae, the porosity of which favor an exchange of oxygen, and help bring out the scents of the varietal. This is followed by light notes of toasted wood and chocolate (from that portion fermented in wood) which add a classic elegance.

  • Pairing with
    Excellent accompaniment for important game dishes or those that involve complex preparations and long cooking (roasts, braised meats, etc.).

  • Alcohol content

  • Serving temperature

  • Available bottle sizes
    750ml - 1500ml - 3000ml

  • Bottles produced
    about 1300

  • Designation
    Cortona DOC

  • Type of soil
    Clay / Silt / Shale / Galestro

  • Yield per hectare
    about 50,000 kilos

  • Place of production
    Villa Passerini - Pergo di Cortona (AR)