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Le Petit

Le Petit


Our rose wine is produced with 100% Syrah grapes from grapes that are harvested exclusively in our vineyards in Farneta - Cortona. The harvest usually takes place around the last week of August in order to have just the right amount of acidity in the grapes and to maintain fresh aromas. Grapes are hand-picked in small 15/20 kg perforated boxes to which we add dry ice in order to keep the temperatures low. Once in the cellar, they are immediately pressed and the skins are discarded.

Within 36 hours of harvesting, the liquid must be racked, which is followed by the fermentation of the juices that takes place without any contact with skins so that our wine takes on its limpid and brilliant pink color. The wine stabilizes at slow temperatures after which it is clarified and filtered before bottling, which is usually done in the March that follows the harvest.

  • Grape variety
    100% Syrah

  • Colour
    Brilliant pale pink with Provencal tonalities

  • Bouquet
    Very fragrant, a succession of white pulp fruit, floral with a hint of minerality and sapidity.

  • Pairing with
    Appetizers, aperitifs, vegetarian dishes, pizza, fish

  • Alcohol content

  • Serving temperature

  • Available bottle sizes
    750 ml

  • Bottles produced
    about 2500

  • Designation
    Toscana IGT

  • Type of soil
    Clay / Sand / Marl

  • Yield per hectare
    about 70,000 kilos

  • Place of production
    Farneta (la Rota) Cortona (AR)