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Terra Solla

Terra Solla


Grapes for this wine only come from our vineyards in Farneta. An accurate selection of grape bunches is made both before and after the harvest, which usually starts in mid-September.

Grapes are picked by hand and stored in small perforated boxes of 15/18 Kgs. After destemming and pressing the grapes as gently as possible to maintain them almost intact, alcoholic fermentation develops in steel tanks at a controlled temperature for about 15 days in which the must is cyclically stirred at variable intervals.

Then the maceration on skins takes place for about two more weeks.

Even the malolactic fermentation, which takes place immediately after the alcoholic fermentation, develops spontaneously without adding bacteria. This phase is followed by a selection of the best wine of the vintage that will be left resting for a period ranging from 18 to 24 months in French oak tonneaux and will be then aged in bottles for 6 more months before being finally packed.

  • Grape variety
    100% Syrah

  • Colour
    Intense ruby red

  • Bouquet
    A complex wine where ripe red fruits are combined with notes of spices, tobacco and chocolate, the notes of roast coffee are due to its long ageing in wood barrels that also soften tannins.

  • Pairing with
    It is perfectly paired with game dishes or complex food that requires long cooking (roast meat, pot roasts, etc.). Its remarkable acidity makes it excellent if paired with cured cold cuts.

  • Alcohol content

  • Serving temperature

  • Available bottle sizes
    750 ml / 1500 ml / 3000 ml

  • Bottles produced
    about 2500

  • Designation
    Cortona DOC

  • Type of soil
    Clay / Lime

  • Yield per hectare
    about 65,000 kilos

  • Place of production
    Farneta (la Rota) Cortona (AR)