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Il Calice | Cantina Canaio | Cortona DOC 100% Syrah

Il Calice

Il Calice


For this wine we normally decide to anticipate the harvest a little bit, usually in early September, and the hand-picked grapes are stored in perforated boxes of 15/18 Kgs.

After destemming and pressing the grapes as gently as possible to maintain them almost intact, alcoholic fermentation develops in steel tanks at a controlled temperature for about 10 days in which the must is cyclically stirred at variable intervals.

Then the maceration on skins takes place for about 10 more days.

Even the malolactic fermentation, which takes place immediately after the alcoholic fermentation, develops spontaneously without adding bacteria.

The wine is further aged for 12/18 months in steel tanks and for at least 3 months in bottles before being finally packed.

  • Grape variety
    100% Syrah

  • Colour
    Bright ruby red with purple hints.

  • Bouquet
    Persistent aroma of unripe red fruits and spices.

  • Pairing with
    Thanks to its freshness and easy-drinking properties, this wine is perfect with grilled meat or main courses that don't need long and elaborate cooking. Its acidity perfectly contrasts with greasy first courses thanks to its degreasing properties that tend to clean up the palate (Try it in the summer at a serving temperature of around 10°. It will amaze you).

  • Alcohol content

  • Serving temperature

  • Available bottle sizes
    750 ml / 1500 ml

  • Bottles produced
    about 8000

  • Designation
    Cortona DOC

  • Type of soil
    Clay / Lime

  • Yield per hectare
    about 80,000 kilos

  • Place of production
    Farneta (la Rota) Cortona (AR)